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Annual Weekend Retreats: Spring & Fall

“This Work is giving me my life back. It's allowing me to find peace in myself. I have found forgiveness and love. The Work is changing all my relationships, beginning with loving myself. This event can change your life.”


“The Work exposed what thoughts really are to me - nothing more than a thought. I can now confidently break down my thoughts to what they really mean. This has helped me, I know, and trust it will help others.”


“I got the support, the space, and the love to go deeper into The Work to explore deeply-held beliefs and to realize they are 'just thoughts.'

I found more love.”


“I got that I am my biggest teacher. I have my own thoughts and I am the one to question them and overcome them. At the end of it, it's very simple: you and your thoughts.”


“Over the weekend I received a safe, loving space to find some peace, and a better understanding of how to receive the peace and happiness that is available. It was a reminder of how kind and beautiful the world is.”


“The experience of being with Share and women that choose to be in the process of unraveling by doing "The Work" is a gift. Share facilitates with honesty, love, and care. Esana allows for the cells to awaken and the senses to be indulged through yoga. The presence of the divine is felt in the exploration of one's self in a safe, inviting, and nourishing space.”


I found clarity, freedom, laughter, support, and warmth at this retreat. The setting is lovely, and Esana's beautiful yoga sessions set the tone for inner awakening.


Share's wisdom & authenticity allowed her to create a setting safe enough for me to get my Work done! Her gentle, loving persistence allowed for me to explore unchartered territory and leave freer and more at peace. I definitely got what I came for and I will do all I can to come back again and again. 


With so much gratitude, 


The weekend retreat is a gathering of seekers and souls in search of The Truth - the truth about themselves, their fears, and what is holding them back from being their authentic selves. The weekend provides a safe and beautiful space to do The Work, surrounded by laughter, good food, and supportive and loving women. I left feeling like I could breathe easier, love deeper, and live more peacefully and joyfully.


“This retreat gave me myself back - the me who seemed to have been lost these days. I got acceptance of myself and the beautiful person I am. I got to share my deepest pains hidden away in my heart with no judgement - just love.”


“Doing The Work has given me so much peace and clarity. It is amazing how it cuts right to the truth and unravels the stressful thoughts that keep us stuck. Sharon is an amazing facilitator! She is able to hold space for the most intense emotions, for the most difficult experiences, and guides you through with compassion and love. She has the ability to make you feel safe and supported no matter what. The Work is a tool that I will always use. It sets you free from your stressful thoughts and brings you back to who you really are - it brings you back to love.

What I got out of this retreat:


Reconnection with myself. 
A sense of peace and gentleness.

An understanding of the importance of taking care of myself and staying connected.


The beauty of returning to myself.

Allowing it all.





“The Work is a gift... the gift of meeting myself, my true self. I feel like I'm experiencing the world from a different place inside of me... and it feels like wonder, joy and appreciation.” 💕


Share's compassionate, humble and wise facilitation makes participants feel safe and loved so they can tell the truth...and helps them feel brave enough to find out if what they believe might not be true. Therein lies the great delight - to discover right to the core that one's toxic thoughts are not real.   



The Work at the retreat made me laugh, made me cry, and made me feel strong again. Share offers a safe, loving and heart-opening experience that has brought me closer to who I truly am. The meditative yoga offered by Esana provides the support to allow for The Work to work.


Weekend Retreats

Annual Costa Rica 


It was the most authentic experience I've ever felt in my life. I got opened and was introduced to so many sides I never knew existed. I'm a fast-paced on-the-go kind of woman, and this retreat transformed so many small areas of my life. When I returned home, my family and friends all noticed my peaceful being. The Work has brought me to a new sense of being and nobody can strip me of that.

Costa Rica is always a good idea!


This is an experience you simply can't have at home. Something unique happens in this atmosphere. Costa Rica provides you with the perfect setting to really drop into yourself and uncover what's been holding you back in your life. You get to become a student of yourself for the week - and for me, there has never been a more rewarding or informative course. This retreat is a tremendous gift to yourself and to the people in your life who will feel the effects of the Work you do here.


Thank you! I received another piece of myself! Ease, love, joy, and understanding. I would invite anyone who wanted to 'dive deep' into self-inquiry in many beautiful and exceptional ways.


This week in Feb. is a touchstone on my North Star for my whole year.

What I get from this retreat is:

 ...a loving heart massage

...peace in my body and spirit

...a lightening of so many concerns

...a way (tools) to bring my awareness to the present moment

...excitement in being in a new, natural setting in fresh air

...connection with myself and others

...pampering and catering to my whim and delight

...luxurious, refreshing daytime & evenings under the stars

All of these pleasures are made available to me by coming to Costa Rica

and participating in The Work of Byron Katie led by Sharon Arnaud.


Costa Rica Retreats
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