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Share offers a variety of ways to experience The Work, including:

  • Introductions to The Work

  • One Day Workshops

  • Weekend Retreats (3 days)

  • 7-Day Retreats

Upcoming Events

We Gather: 8-week Session
Tuesday Evenings

Online via Zoom

April 9 - May 28, 2024

Annual Spring Retreat
In Person — Mississauga, ON

May 2-5, 2024

Reading from The Work of Byron Katie, Sharon Arnaud tells us that Inquiry brings humility. It's true, but not in the way one might imagine, as in being brought to one's knees with guilt and shame. In fact, it's quite the opposite. There is great humour in the acknowledgement and recognition that we all suffer from the same sort of stories we carry through our lives. 

With each turnaround of a thought that caused stress, a lightness happened, as if a bag of stones I didn't even know I was carrying simply slid off. This retreat brought me freedom - from toxic thoughts I didn't even know I had until The Work helped me turn over the stones under which they were hiding.


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Photos from our Annual Fall Retreat

Sir William Mackenzie Inn    *    Nov. 1-4, 2018


"I would encourage anyone who is searching for peace to dive into Share's mini retreat of The School for The Work. If you can't make it to the School in California, this is the next greatest gift you can give yourself. Share is a committed, generous, and loving facilitator. You will leave feeling so grateful!

- V.S.

"I saw, first hand, in more than one instance, how The Work can transform lives. My thinking has changed. I am more open to doing The Work."


"This is the safest and most at home and authentic I have ever felt in retreat, and I have spent much time in retreat. I see that The Work works, and I am excited to continue to let it work through me." 


"I had some beautiful moments of peace and clarity which were deeply appreciated and cherished. The Work continues to reveal itself as a powerful way to Self-Realization. Share did an incredible job facilitating."


"I learned that no thought, no matter how scary, once brought to the light of Inquiry, did not teach me love. Through a loving community, life loses fear and leaves you with a loving heart and mind. This love fills your own heart and allows you to share freely with everyone else. I encourage anyone to give this gift to themselves."


Who would you be

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