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Certified Facilitator stamp for The Work o Byron Katie

Share Arnaud

Facilitator of 

The Work

Are You Ready to Unravel Your Stressful Thoughts?

'The Work' of Byron Katie is a Simple Yet Powerful Way to Identify & Question the Thoughts

That Cause All Suffering

In its most basic form, The Work consists of four questions and the turnarounds. 

It is an astonishingly simple process, accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, and requires nothing more than a pen, paper, and an open mind.


Since 2013, Sharon Arnaud has helped hundreds of people from all around the world

end their own suffering through this powerful process of 'The Work'.

It truly is my heart's desire

to move The Work forward in our world. 

Love, Share

Share Arnaud, Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie

I'm Share. I'm a lover of truth and transformation.

My website is home base for sharing my heart's desire with the world, 

and that is to move The Work forward and help others find clarity. 


I've been a counsellor in private practice for over 20 years. 

The Work is now my primary tool for assisting others.

I invite you to d
ive into this Work and give yourself the sacred gift of freedom.


I am grateful for the gentle, yet powerful, in-depth way of doing inquiry, the work. thoughts and feelings I had been struggling with for a very long time are finally in the past, where they belong. 


Share Arnaud is a compassionate, highly qualified facilitator that is a privilege to do the work with. Thank you share for being so much of service.

- Elise

The tools you have given me will help me build a solid foundation for my mind, body, and soul. Thank you for guiding me to the truth.

- Josie

I'm grateful for finding the work. It has helped me through challenging times. I have found peace. I am okay, I am loved, and I am love. 


Thank you for sharing the work.  

- Rosie

Are You Ready to Unravel Your Stressful Thoughts?

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